Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What is a remnant?
A – A remnant is a room sized per cut piece of roll goods sold a discounted price, Inserras hand measures and rolls all displayed remnants.

Q – How do I calculate sqft/sqyds?
A – square foot is calculated by length X width, square yards are calculated by length x width divided by nine.

Q – How long will it take to get my floor installed?
A – Installation will usually take around 7 – 10 days, instock carpet can be done in 2 – 5 days.

Q – Do Inserras use their own installers?
A – Inserras installers are all fully insured subcontractors. Our installers are all true professionals and work for us 5 days a week. We take great pride in only using the best installers in the area. Inserras installers do not get paid for any job until job is completed and customer is happy.

Q – How do I get an estimate?
A – Just call the store at anytime and we will send one of our professional estimators to measure and price your job for free with no obligation to buy or high pressure sales tactics!

Q – How long do special orders take to come in?
A – Ordered material usually takes 3 – 5 business days to arrive, as long as matrial is in stock at the mill (stock and estimated delivery can be checked before order is made).

Q – What is the return policy?
A – Inserras will take back anything that was purchased from stock, return policy on special orders will very and may be subject to restock fee, discuss with your salesman at time of purchase.